5 Most Common Mistakes New Gliders Make

Learn which five most common mistakes a newbie glider pilot is likely to make, and how to avoid them. Mistake

Feeling Stressed after Work? Try Our Hang Gliding Therapy

There are so many elements today in our lives that make things more and more hectic by the day, and

Gliding is So Much Simpler Than Most People Think

An increasing number of gliders now want to do their part in popularizing this sport. Find out what you can

Hang gliding

Hang gliding is one of the most popular air sports nowadays. Its popularity is caused by the ease of using the aircraft called the hang glider. However, a glider pilot undergoes a slight air pressure and should be trained enough to control a hang glider. By most gliders the glider is evaluated as a very convenient aircraft that can even be used in the rainy weather. Even though comfortable is possible mostly in regions with small hills, this sport is gaining support and popularity all over the world.

Young glider pilots often see obstacles on their way of developing as professionals. However, the main obstacle here is a fear of falling that all pilots face at the beginning of their career. Our experts have prepared some useful techniques for those who want to reach their own heights in hang gliding, but don’t know where to start from.



    Results of the Annual Hang Gliding Championship

    This year, the Annual Hang Gliding Championship became a true unexpectedness for both gliding enthusiasts and professionals. Even our journalists didn’t suppose James Wilkinson to be left behind by a gliding enthusiast from Glasgow called Ewan Baird. Ewan showed exceptional

    Keeping Your Heart Healthy

    If you are a glider pilot, but still wonder what is a secret of all hang gliding champions and how do they manage to stay so healthy even after their career ends, here is our suggestion. Our experts Lisa &

    Main Components of Modern Hang Gliders

    If you are making your first steps in hang gliding, there is something you need to know before choosing your aircraft. A good aircraft usually costs a bunch of money and in order to understand what you are paying for,

    Proper Color Solutions for your Hang Glider

    When it comes to selecting a glider for your career in gliding some pilots often see it problematic to select a right color for their gliders. Whether it is blue and white, or green and black, you can become confused


    Training on sunny days only

    Our company hires experienced trainers and meteorologists that will build a personalized training program for you.

    Picking the top quality training grounds

    Our team works hard on establishing the perfect training atmosphere, where picking an appropriate training ground in a number one requirement.

    Doing everything for your success

    Whether you are a young pilot or an experienced one, you can always turn to our experts for help in organization of your training.


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